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 Flame's Painted Eagle "Flame" stands 15 hands and is a grey tobiano. She is an excellent mountain horse that has been on several elk hunting trips. Flame really likes to go out in the hills. She will put her head down and really climb. If you are looking for a trail horse that will raise you some fine foals check her out. Bred for a "99" foal SOLD

 Sue's Night Traveler D. "Twink" stands 15 hands and is black with a small star. She was broke as a two year old and then started raising foals. "Twink" has a pedigree that is full of world champions. She is very gentle and in your pocket all the time. She is built like a Quarter horse and her foals come out the same. Bred for a "99" foalSOLD

 Copper Top K. "Penny" stands 15 hands and is blonde sorrel . We purchased "Penny" as a yearling and broke her to ride as a two year old. She was shown successfully by our eldest daughter and then retired as a broodmare.  She is an easy keeper and breeder. Bred for a "99" foal. She has a very smooth foxtrot and really shake's her head.SOLD

 Zane's Rosebud "Rosebud" stands 15 hands is grey with no markings. She is quite possibly the nicest looking and gaited mare we have. "Rosebud" has a gorgeous head with large soft eyes. Her Grandsire is "Zane's Charming Lad". On the bottom she is a "Walker's Merry Lad" and "Mr. Koscot" cross. This mare turns 17 this spring and looks half her age. She has never been broke to my knowledge. She has been bred for a 99 foal to a 16 hand grandson of "Zane Grey". A mare with this pedigree is hard to find. "Rosebud" is easy to handle and breed. $2500

 Pepsi's Suprise Gloria "Gloria" stands 15.3 hands is dapple grey with no markings. Her Grandsire is "Mr. Koscot" and she is double "Zane Grey" on the bottom. This mare has been everywhere, will do anything with anybody. An easy keeper and breeder. Bred for a "99" foal. SOLD

 Leah "Leah" stands 15.3 hands is black turning grey with no markings. This filly has been everywhere, will do anything with anybody. An easy keeper. Will be bred for a "millenium" foal. SOLD-Thanks Mr. Verl Gunter of Midland, TX

 Bonanza's Classy Lass "Lass" is a 2 year old filly expected to mature at 15 hands, She is a palomino. This filly has just started her training and is very easy to handle. I have had five full brother/sisters to her and they have all been outstanding horses. SOLD

 Dixie Chick G.
"Dixie" will be started this spring. A grey filly with good size and a nice foxtrot. Broke to lead and trailer she will make a nice stout mountain horse.SOLD

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